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Emi Soekawa and Jessie Male are two creative New York ladies who met in a writing class and bonded over their love of Manhattan living, late night roti rolls, and AWFUL dates.  One night, a great re-cap at their neighborhood bar 1020 led to the reply, “That was a bad date–but a GREAT story.” A running dialogue of “Never date a man who…”  began and zing!  BadDateGreatStory.com was born!  Since then, the two have made it their business to collect hundreds of the funniest, most hilarious stories of dating shenanigans and bring them to the world.

Soon after launching the site, Emi and Jessie decided to take it to the stage. In the past three years, the Bad Date Great Story Comedy Storytelling Series has emerged from the burst of talent who submitted to the site, and from the need of Jessie and Emi to throw parties.

The series has also become a go-to event for people looking to hear funny & original, sharp storytelling in the magical downtown world of drink specials.

Recent press

For an explanation on why we’re wearing matching cat tee-shirts in the above photo, please click the “1st Story” link at the top of this page… Enjoy!



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