1st BDGS shows



BDGS First Launch Comedy/Reading Show at Bar on A May 2011!  Oh, and here’s a happy member of the audience running to tell friends how awesome the show was!


We got such great feedback, we turned that launch show into just Show #1, and quickly scheduled a follow up Comedy/Reading Spectacular show #2 in September ’11.  Seriously, we can’t believe you guys came!  And for your trek through the mean streets in the rain to the ghettos of NYU gentrified East Village, we will tell you why no one, NO ONE, should email photos of their cat on an I.V. to someone they are cancelling a date with.


We got fiesty with smootherers.  We got mischevious!  We told you Prince Charming was with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella at the sametime- What the f***!

We got stalked by narcissist male models tryin’ to catch you without makeup and hit by taxis on the way to get homemade ice cream…

Because life is sometimes (most of the time) ridiculous, and who ever laughs last… Well is still pretty weirded out by some of the people going on dates out there.  But, hey- Where else are we supposed to get new material?!!



The December 2nd show proved to be JUST as entertaining, with college love in Utah haunting your adult life, baristas who have no time for dating you, Jessie’s parents taking the stage, performers having to face Jewish Santa Claus while they talk about their penis, and really just what you’d expect from a Bad Date Great Story show.

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