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Kevin Iso’s 3 Strikes for Dating

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One year later… Remember the time when you met a girl at Olive Tree and then you planned one year later to go out on a date and DID NOT REMEMBER A FREAKING THING ABOUT HER because obviously you were at Olive Tree and high?

If so, this is your story. If not, You MUST hear Kevin’s rules for dating.


Does Alison win the Party Prize? Booty… it’s booty.


Guys we know you’ve been waiting for the videos from the Bitter End show and here’s the 1st!  Alison tells us–wait we don’t want to ruin it–check it out:



The full BDGS Groundhog Day show line up is posted!

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We couldn’t be more thrilled than to share with you the lineup for the Bad Date Great Story Groundhog Day show: Dates that make us want to find a hole to hide in, and they are:



Giulia Rozzi
Jermaine Fowler
Kimberly Spice
Anthony Kapfer
Tim Dillon
Alison Leiby

Stay tuned for bios!




Back to School with Bad Date Great Story


After an epic summer vacay scouring New York City for the funniest, wittiest, SEXIEST, performers,  we’re saying good-bye to half day Fridays, and hello to Bad Date Great Story.

Friday, September 14th at 7pm at Solas Bar, join us for an evening with Bad Date Great Story virgins Diana Cage, Anthony Cimino, Kelli Dunham, Emil Kim, Yolanda Shoshana, and Alison Griffin Vingiano.


If this photo on our Facebook invite doesn’t make you want to come to the Friday February 10th show- You are crazy.



The Bad Date Great Story Valentines Day comedy reading show is coming at you this Friday.  The performers are going to be out of this world, the invite alone is magical, and did we mention there would be candy?




Make sure to get there on time! We’re going to need our full set for our kick ass performers!




BDGS Has Another Kick Ass Show in NYC!

bdgs cast #2

“Like” us on facebook and get the scoop on when the next BDGS comedy reading is going to be held!


We also welcome new performers, amateur and comedians, email us at baddategreatstory@gmail.com