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Sydnee Washington’s Millionaire Dating Flashback

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When you are as drop dead gorgeous as Sydnee it shouldn’t be surprising that everyone including millionaires want to scoop you up and wine and dine you. When you’re new to the city and finding your footing… this makes for a Real story!



Erica Jong “liked” our tweet. We can die now.

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That is all people.  That is all.

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Yep! Sometimes we’re the bad date

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We love these hysterical performers! Check out this short clip of Emma Willmann, Kyle Ayers, Kevin Allison and Sydnee Washington and a glimpse into what made their bad date:


Thanks for the shout out Pure Wow!

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Naomi Ekperigin Rocks it out with the BEST New Year’s Eve story we’ve ever heard!

Naomi Ekperigin

We love her and she’s back! Because we beg, Naomi comes to perform again at our last show–hysterical as usual!!!


Spring Fling Show is most hilarious and feel good show of the year! – anonymous

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Well you heard it here first, the Bad Date Great Story show on Sunday at the Gramercy Theatre was amazing.  We’re going to post a lot of photos online very, very  soon, but first here’s an end of show performers shot: