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Emma Willmann: One Night stand of Sex Toys


She performed for us once and we begged her come back! And oh she came…


Bad Date Great Story writes for Bustle.com!

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Check out Emi and Jessie’s latest article where they give you a How-To Guide for optimizing a bad date… Read Article Here


April Salazar’s date gains national appeal!


We adore April. In this video she had us hooked and reminded us all why bad dates are storytelling gold…


Dating Confessions of a Recovering Manic Pixie Dream Girl 2.2: The Portland Post-Undergraduate Doldrums, Yassil

I was waiting for the Hawthorne 14 at NW 2nd and Alder and chatting with a waiter named Yassil, covered in food from his shift at McCormick and Schmick’s. I previously had few other encounters here: 1) Quite a few tried to sell me weed. 2) I shared cigarettes with late-shift waiters from an amazing Peruvian restaurant.


Jason Salmon conquers the great outdoors!


We could not keep this video from you any longer… Jason performed at Bad Date Great Story and let us know a few things about his “educational” nature walks of youth…



If you can say “She tried to kill me, luckily the police showed up”-You can get on TV!

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Just emailed in from our confidant in the industry J.R.:


“Casting Call: A new, untitled series for a major cable network is seeking people who have been on a real date from hell that ended in criminal charges. Examples might include you escaped your date’s violent attack or your date’s ex broke in on you resulting in a death.  The show is looking for real stories that are cautionary tales or against all odds survival stories.  The cases featured in the program will be verifiable, investigated and adjudicated in a court of law.  If you or someone you know has been through this type of date from hell, please send stories to: BADDATESCASTING@AOL.COM and include the name of the daters, names of additional persons involved in the incident, location of the date and when it occurred, describe the crimes that occurred (murder, kidnapping, robbery, etc.), describe how the daters met, any links to news stories concerning the case and your contact information (phone and email).  All submissions are kept discrete and confidential.”


KLASSY.  We love the last line, “All submissions are kept discrete and confidential.”  We guess they forgot to include UNTIL WE PARADE YOUR SHAME AROUND on BASIC CABLE.  God speed people!


Sex, Lies, and Pictures of Sick Cats. (Part 1)


It was 2008, I was six months out of my first serious relationship, and the closest thing to “dating” I was doing was two coffee gatherings with a writer (shocking) 14 years my senior, who never called again but did send me adorable slash mildly exploitative photos of his hospitalized cat (see: image). On top of this, word on the street (ie: facebook) was my ex was dating someone seriously, and I thought: well these times, they are getting pretty desperate.

When desperate dating times call for dating desperate measures, that desperate measure usually involves a computer, a supportive friend, and several hours scrolling your facebook profile pics. And this is exactly how it went. I thought I’d wade through, rather than throw myself, into on-line dating, so I started with a free site first: nerve.com. But I quickly realized that, though finding a date from a Web site containing articles like “True Stories: Sex Ed; I Slept with my Mother’s Best Friend…Who was Also my Fourth Grade Teacher,” might earn me some material, it certainly was not going to guide me towards my partner for life.

My mother, after listening to my complaints about the situation, suggested I switch my strategy.

“Why don’t you try that Jew date?” she responded.

“I’m sorry?”


In case you missed our first show, we’re going to be posting videos here all week!

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These videos are also available on the bdgs video page above  the header in pretty pink.

Part I

Part II

Eric Silvera NYC comedian shares personal stand up about dating in NYC