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Yep! Sometimes we’re the bad date

bdgs sometimes it's us for slide bar

We love these hysterical performers! Check out this short clip of Emma Willmann, Kyle Ayers, Kevin Allison and Sydnee Washington and a glimpse into what made their bad date:


Kyle Ayers’s Dating Standards involve the Internet and Mushrooms


We loved him closing our April show!  Catch his set here!


We love all our 6 magically talented performers from last night!

fb allison2

(In order of line up) Alison Leiby, Mara Wilson, Kevin Allison, Charla Lauriston, Langston Kerman, Kyle Ayers!

Videos coming this week!


Bad Date Great Story Blooms Again!

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 6.19.46 PM

For more info, check out our Facebook invite!

And give a warm hand to our new logo! Courtesy of the very hilarious Samantha of The Super Great


This Thursday our unVAlentines Day show has a kickarse roster!


We’re back!  It’s been two months and we’ve been out there in the cold fields of NYC scouring the city for great stories and kickass performers for you: