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Gaby Moss Finds True Love in Recovery

Gaby Moss!

You know how it is. You meet the person of your dreams, they used to be a drug addict, you make plans to change your life around for them and then this happens. Oh, and it’s hilarious because it’s told by Bustle’s very own clever as ever writer Gaby Moss…



We both get hit by a car and Everyone wins

Screen shot 2011-04-14 at 12.52.45 AM

Vicki’s profile pictures looked like they were from the photoshoot of a washed up 80s revival band – tight fitting skirts and pouty eyes.  We didn’t seem to have much in common but a shared love of tacos.  In our initial correspondence she noted that she was hoping to date someone more stable – I mentioned I was looking to date someone less so.

Our first date was boozy, but otherwise uneventful, but the second date was one to remember.  After work, I took her to my favorite Vietnamese sandwich place, then a nearby speakeasy.  As Amy continued to press me for more and more vivid details of my sex life, we swilled cocktails. Properly buzzed and titillated, we spilled out into Chinatown.