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Emma Willmann: One Night stand of Sex Toys


She performed for us once and we begged her come back! And oh she came…


Alex English Had THE Craziest Dating App Rendezvous

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.12.29 AM

We love Alex, so we feel for him on this dating app mishap that is one step away from ending up on the local news… Als0–He’s HYSTERICAL!


Marie Faustin’s Date “Forgets” his wallet…

Super gorg Marie shot cropped for bdgs website slider

You might know her at @MsReeezy we know her as a BDGS favorite! Here’s Marie sharing the date that started slow and ended FULL of ACTION!


James Alexander Breaks Down the NYC Dating Scene


You loved him at the Bad Date Great Story Valentines Day show, so he brought him back!  BDGS fav James Alexander cracks us up again!



How one finds out their ex is someone’s husband


A little over two years ago my sister discovered her inner Jewish grandma, and set me up with her co-worker, Samuel. Samuel was a slightly eccentric French fellow with a penchant for over-sharing, and a fondness for eating crepes with ice cream for breakfast (I didn’t complain–but I did gain five pounds in four months). We dated until he moved to Boston for graduate school and I haven’t seen or heard from him since.

Fast forward to today, and I take my sister out for a drink for her birthday. As we walked towards the subway I stopped and turned to her. I knew I forgot to tell her something important.

“Samuel!” I said. “I wanted to tell you something about Samuel!”

“He got married!” she cried.

I stopped in my tracks.

“What?!” I asked. This was the farthest from what I was going to tell her.

“He did!” she said.

“What?!” I yelled again.

“Isn’t that what you were going to tell me?” she asked.

“No,” I said. “I was going to tell you I saw a picture of him, and I thought he got fat.”


As the Valentine’s Card tells me, I’m just going to keep on truckin’….


Back in the house- Comedian Eric Silvera!

eric bdgs 3

We’ve heard your frantic 2012 queries:

1) “Where is Eric’s performance from the BDGS show 3?”

2) “How much more smug can Pat Kiernan on NY1 possibly become this new year?’

We have a sure answer to question #1: Here and on the Bad Date Great Story YouTube channel

And, if history continues, the amount of #2 is too large to fit in this post.



The hilarious sparkling star that is Samantha of TheSuperGreat.com

Catch Sam’s most recent standup performance at Bad Date Great Story’s 2nd Event!






Sex, Lies, and Pictures of Sick Cats. (Part 1)


It was 2008, I was six months out of my first serious relationship, and the closest thing to “dating” I was doing was two coffee gatherings with a writer (shocking) 14 years my senior, who never called again but did send me adorable slash mildly exploitative photos of his hospitalized cat (see: image). On top of this, word on the street (ie: facebook) was my ex was dating someone seriously, and I thought: well these times, they are getting pretty desperate.

When desperate dating times call for dating desperate measures, that desperate measure usually involves a computer, a supportive friend, and several hours scrolling your facebook profile pics. And this is exactly how it went. I thought I’d wade through, rather than throw myself, into on-line dating, so I started with a free site first: nerve.com. But I quickly realized that, though finding a date from a Web site containing articles like “True Stories: Sex Ed; I Slept with my Mother’s Best Friend…Who was Also my Fourth Grade Teacher,” might earn me some material, it certainly was not going to guide me towards my partner for life.

My mother, after listening to my complaints about the situation, suggested I switch my strategy.

“Why don’t you try that Jew date?” she responded.

“I’m sorry?”