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Kevin Iso’s 3 Strikes for Dating

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One year later… Remember the time when you met a girl at Olive Tree and then you planned one year later to go out on a date and DID NOT REMEMBER A FREAKING THING ABOUT HER because obviously you were at Olive Tree and high?

If so, this is your story. If not, You MUST hear Kevin’s rules for dating.


We’re having a party and everyone’s invited!


On May 27th, Bad Date Great Story’s live series is turning four! We are celebrating the best way we know how–by getting five of the most hilarious performers in NYC to tell us about their dating woes!


Will Miles’ trek of death to Kelis Doppelganger —

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First video from our last show! Here is the hilarious Will Miles:


April Salazar’s date gains national appeal!


We adore April. In this video she had us hooked and reminded us all why bad dates are storytelling gold…


BDGS Jan show heats up NYC !

Group shot jan 2015

It was a freezing NYC Tuesday night, but hot inside!  Check out photos!


Last Night’s Show Changed My Life! – Anonymous


You heard it here guys!  Thanks to everyone who came out and to our awesome performers~ Mike Kelton, Aparna Nancherla, Mike Brown, Adam Wade, Emma Willmann!

Videos & photos to come!


Does Alison win the Party Prize? Booty… it’s booty.


Guys we know you’ve been waiting for the videos from the Bitter End show and here’s the 1st!  Alison tells us–wait we don’t want to ruin it–check it out: